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USIM, a key to U-life world where you can acquire desired information and service with a  single mobile media in your hands at anytime and anywhere! A variety of USIM products developed based on up-to-date technologies of XCURE provides clients with mobile environment in which they can create the next blue ocean.

Contact USIM

Contact USIM is a subscriber module started to be used in GSM network in Europe and others and it is a low
priced USIM exclusive for telecommunication including the performance of simple personal authentication,
secured user authentication, roaming between network operators, and others..


Contact USIM Feature
& Logical Channel
  • Multiple applications can be saved
  • Simultaneous operation of 4 applications is available with the support of 4 logical channels
Card Platform
  • Java Card 2.2.1
  • Global Platform 2.1.1
  • 72 / 144KB EEPROM
& Security
  • AES(128/196/256 bits)
  • COMP-128 for GSM
  • Milenage based on AES for GSM / WCDMA
  • Support the restriction on number of authentication attempts and
    Anti-cloning for the prevention of unwarranted attacks
  • Support Advanced DPA / SPA Countermeasure for the preparation of
    advanced attack
  • GSM phase 2+(SAT) / WCDMA / UMTS
  • Support USAT
  • Support Advanced 3GPP Phonebook Function
  • Detailed contacts including e-mail, home no., mobile no., fax,
    and others can be saved
  • Input of over 1,000 Phonebooks available / Input of over 250 SMS
    is available


1) Highest level security capacity
- Secures reliability and safety based on high level security function of smart card through data encryption
- User information cloning is impossible
- Remote control is available for USIM in case of card loss

2) Advancement
- Enhancement in service capacity through memory area expansion with the use of highly integrated USIM

3) Expandability
- Mobile banking service is available (M-Banking, etc.)

4) Global roaming
- Support of Backward Compatibility

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