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Mobile Transportation/ Payment

E-money function for transportation use is equipped to USIM and real-time mobile/internet recharge and payment is available as it is interworking with various rechargeable payment methods (credit card, account transfer, etc.). Also, it is prepaid E-payment method which can be used in not only bus, subway, and taxi but also product or service purchase in online/offline affiliates.

Service Process

Service Process


1) Convenience
- Recharge and payment is available just with Applet equipped mobile phone without separate plastic card
- Provision of automatic recharge function

2) Additional Service
- Various additional services (usage inquiry, event participation, traffic information, etc.) can be used with a
mobile phone

3) Numerous Affiliates
- It can be used not only for public transportation including subway, bus, taxi, and others but in numerous
online/offline affiliates including the convenience store, online shopping mall, public facilities, and others


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