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Personal Information Processing Policy

Personal Information Processing Policy

XCURE Co., Ltd.(‘http://www.xcure.co.kr’ hereafter omitted) has following processing policies for the protection of personal information and rights of user based on 『Personal Information Protection Act』 and smooth resolution of problems related to personal information.

XCURE Co., Ltd. will notify through the public announcement of website (or separate notice) in case there is a revision in personal information processing policy.

  • Purpose of personal information processing: XCURE Co., Ltd. processes personal information for the following purposes.

    Processed personal information will not be used other than following purposes and we will seek for in-advance consent in case there is a change in the purpose of use.

    A. Handling of Civil Affairs Administration
    Personal information is processed for the purpose of identification check of civil petitioner and others.

  • Status of Personal Information File

    The purpose of processing personal information file registered and opened by XCURE Co., Ltd. based on 『Personal Information Protection Act, Article 32』 is as following.

    • - Items of Personal Information: Company Name, Phone Number Name, E-Mail
    • - Collection Method: Homepage
    • - Basis for Possession: Collection of basic data for correspondence to customer inquiry
    • - Period of Possession: Immediate disposal after response completion
  • Rights, Duties, and Exercise Method for Data Subject: User can exercise followings rights as the subject of personal information.
    • ① The data subject can exercise personal information protection rights of each of following items at anytime regarding XCURE Inc.
      • 1. Request for reading personal information
      • 2. Request for revision in case of error, etc.
      • 3. Request for deletion
      • 4. Request for suspension in processing
    • ② Exercise of rights regarding XCURE Co., Ltd. prescribed in Item 1 can be performed in writing, E-mail, FAX, and others in accordance with 『Personal Information Protection Act』 enforcement regulations attached document no. 8 and <institution/company name> (‘site URL’) (hereafter referred to as ‘site name’) will take countermeasures without a delay.
    • ③ In case the data subject requests the revision or deletion for error in personal information and others, <institution/company name> (‘site URL’) (hereafter referred to as ‘site name’) will not use or provide such personal information until the completion of revision or deletion.
    • ④ Exercise of rights prescribed in Item 1 can be performed by the proxy including a legal representative of data subject, delegate, and others. In this case, a power of attorney shall be submitted in accordance with the 『Personal Information Protection Act』 enforcement regulations attached document no. 11.

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Collecting email without permission is Not allowed


emailCollecting email without
permission is Not allowed

Please note that e-mail addresses published on this Website
must not be collected by anyone through electronic mail col-
lecting programs or other technical measures without proper
and prior approval, and that any violation of this rule will be
subject to criminal punishment under the Act on Promotion
of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.