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Banking Solution

Hansol Secure supplies large-capacity devices and systems that can issue IC cards appropriate for the service purposes of financial institutions, and can issue cards built with various functions such as cash/debit cards and transportation cards, including the EMV card. Upon issuing the cards, Hansol Secure provides the data that can save, delete, or update various applications by using the internet or mobile environment, as well as data that can support the marketing activities.


Banking Solution
Banking IC Card

Visa/MasterCard, check card, local credit card/check card, cash IC
(open/closed type) card, public certificate, and ID card

Internet Banking System

Certificate system, key management system, HSM, client UI

Building the Electronic
Money infrastucture

Electronic money development, certificate system, charging and inquiry,
payment and settlement system

Smart Card
lssuing System

Large-quantity IC card issuing system, immediate IC card issuing system
at a sales branch, KMS, SCMS, etc

Banking Terminal

IC card payment terminal, PINPAD for sales branch window, IC card
reader for charging e-money, etc


1) Builds the manufacture and issuing system of banking IC cards that conform to domesticand overseas

2) Reliable interconnections between the internal systems of financial institutions

3) Provides an efficient implementation plan through a number of project executions in building the
e-money infrastructure

4) Improves efficiency and user convenience at banking terminals

5) Effective management of development term and risk factors through understanding the smart card system

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