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Serving R&D on core technology and a variety of experiences as a foundation,
XCURE is growing as years goes by

2011~Now 연혁


Head office relocation (2021.10.05)

Branch installation (2021.10.05)


Change of The Largest Shareholder
(Hansol Inticube → CU Healthcare)


German G+D Participation in rights offering


First export of NFC USIM to Mongolia

Signed a partnership with China security solution company Thunder Soft for TEE


Signed joint marketing agreement with Symantec, a global security company in the US, for TEE

Obtained China Unionpay certification for mobile

Strategic cooperation with TEE-TAM with Intercede, a UK security company


Selected as test run business of Korea Financial
Telecommunications & Clearings Institute(KFTC) Micro SD Card payment


Joint takeover of management rights for NexG Co., Ltd.
: Hansol Secure Co., Ltd. Hansol Inticube Co., Ltd.

Acquisition of Credit Card VISA · Master - Card certification

Selected as 4G LTE NFC - USIM SKT,KT supplier and business


Development of KFTC – Smart phone based mobile payment service

Development of KT – Mobile credit card Applet

Development of National Security Research Institute(NSRI) - Secure Smart Token


Supply NFC-USIM to SKT and KT

Development and supply of USB type secure token

Change in largest shareholder – Hansol Inticute Co., Ltd. Incorporated to Hansol Corporation

Concluded supply contract of Contract USIM with Vietnam EVN Telecom

Concluded supply contract of Contact USIM for MVNO operator

Ministry of Knowledge Economy – Selected as the business for the development of core

system semiconductor for IT convergence device

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