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Secure MicroSD

Secure MicroSD is a hardware based secure element that can be applied to a wide variety of smart devices requiring the highest security needs. Secure MicroSD provides highly secure hardware backed isolation for various services to be enabled on smart devices

What is Secure MicroSD?

The hardware encryption module inside the Secure MicroSD provides highest protection for data communication.

To cope with ever increasing demand for mobile security, Secure MicroSD protects user and data privacy by providing security functions for cryptography and user authentication.

Physical isolation inherent to the Secure MicroSD provides highest protection against hacking and it is ideal for security sensitive operations such as the military, government, industrial and commercial markets.

MicroSD for Secure Token, MicroSD for Payment

Secure MicroSD Feature

  • Security
    • Safe communication/text message/file
    • Possible to establish the security communication network (m-VolP)
    • Equipped with the security chip, developed exclusively by the Company
  • Encryption/Decryption
    • Encryption/Decryption process for all communication - Including Wi-Fi, VPN, VOIP and others.
    • Supporting of the large scale encryption/decryption with the SPI communication
  • Convenience
    • Possible to resolve every security issue of the smart device with S-MicroSD
    • Possible to use it without installation of the SD Driver
  • Independence
    • Establishment of the independent BM, completely independent from a communication company
    • Possible to provide various services due to its strong security level
S-Micro SD Applicable Services
  • PIN code Protection
  • Mobile Authentication
  • One Time Paddword
  • Secure Document
  • Secure SMS/VOIP
  • Mobile Payment

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