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TSM (Trusted Service Manager) of XCURE provides clients with reliable and diverse mobile payment service and marketing tools through security channel that links mobile network operators, banking institutions, service providers (distribution, aviation, advertisement, transportation, etc.), other TSM, etc.


TSM Feature
Secure Element
  • Secure element issue (USIM, M-SD, e-SE, TEE)
  • Secure element data management
  • Security domain management
Application & NFC
Service Management
  • Management of application & NFC service lifecycle
  • Service issue, cancel, update, delete, etc.
User Management
  • History management of user including mobile phone replacement, loss,
    initialization, change in telecommunication company, etc.
Key Management
  • Key generation, exchange, insertion, save, backup, disposal, etc
OTA System
  • Wireless issue system construction and operation
  • Wireless issue system channel management
3rd Party
  • Service provider data management
  • Management of interworking with other TSM

Service Structure


1) Provision of smooth and efficient service
- Safe and systematic management of each element is available

2) Business expansion
- Promote the partnership and creation of new profit model

3) Open platform
- Participation of diverse service providers and interworking with other TSM are available

4) Convenience in entry to global market
- Compatible with global infrastructure as it is developed with international standard GP specification


LG Uplus

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