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Smart Card Web Server(SCWS)

Another platform SCWS implementing web server function within smart card assists the utilization of numerous service and contents by communicating important information and service of smart card with HTTP(S) protocol through the browser of terminal.




1) Independence
- Web contents within USIM can be enjoyed in mobile phone without equipment of telecommunication
company’s browser (Break free from dependence on terminal platform of service)

2) Compatibility
- Overcoming the limitation in service compatibility due to mobility
- Support access to USIM service with the use of USB or BIP (Bare Independent Protocol) interface

3) Large Capacity
- Equipment of various personalized service is available

4) Security
- Personal information protection and unification of terminal platform
- Resolution of user convenience problem as it can access to various contents difficult to be used as security

5) Various Functions
- Setting of personal idle screen and initial menu is available
- Provision of various multimedia functions including multimedia phone book, multimedia web link, etc.



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