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Loyalty Management System (LMS)

Smart card based loyalty management system of XCURE developed for the first time in Korea is a system which can perform integrated management of membership service and loyalty program of company Online/Offline. By providing the point, coupon, discount at site, and others based on the purchase behaviors of customers, it contributes in preventing existing customers from the leave, attracting new customers, increasing the sale, and others and it provides economic and competitive value added services to the company and customer.


Loyalty Management System (LMS) Feature
Accounting System
  • Customer oriented online/offline payment information collection &
Royalty Applet
  • Optimization for personal information protection of customers
SAM Applet
  • Prevention of tampering by customers and affiliates during the payment
Web Page
  • Customer and store owner can conveniently manage payment details,
    mileage, and others through webpage
  • Membership discount, mileage save & payment, coupon discount,
    and others for company CRM



1) Very efficient customer management & marketing tool
- Increase in sales of company product/service by preventing the customers from the leave and attracting
- Integrated management of mileage or point through interworking with the customer loyalty program
- Conduct sales promotion activities of product and service such as sending DM and others interworking
with CRM



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