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In regards to the security problem followed by the expansion in smart phones, we provide safe smart phone security environment through SecuriTEE, a type of TEE which is the operating system for security of our company’s headquarter.


SecuriTEE® = Solacia의 Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

ARM TrustZone

It is H/W environment that provides security service for processor, peripherals, and storage device through
'Trustzone' IP based AP chip for the guarantee of security stability It is composed of hardware function (Trust-
Zone) which supports strict separation of Normal World and Secure World and software (Secure Platform) which
provides security service based on it.

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

It is an independently running OS for the security together with open operation system (OS) such as Android
It takes a part in protecting processor, application, and others so that malignant software in open OS does not
record or interact with personal data, security key, or application in secure zone.

Rich OS Application Environment, Trusted Execution Environment

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